Booking Terms & Conditions

Booking and Payment

We can be contacted by letter, phone, email or by using the contact form and are more than willing to discuss your requirements with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you would like to book one of our properties, please refer to the booking and availability box on each property page. This gives an indication of the current booking position, but is not a guarantee of availability.


If your choice of accommodation is shown as available, please complete and submit an enquiry form, email or ring us. If you would like to reserve the property please indicate on the form: number of persons - adults/children under sixteen; number of pets (giving some indication of size); preferred dates. On receipt of a booking enquiry, we will reserve the property for you and send you a booking form. A provisional reservation will be held for seven days. If we have not received your completed and signed booking form with the appropriate deposit within seven days, we regret that your reservation will lapse. Occupation is limited to the maximum number of persons stated on the booking form.


If a booking is made eight weeks or more before the holiday starts, a deposit of £100 for Mazey’s Cottage or £50 for the Studio/Caravan must be paid. The balance is payable not later than eight weeks before the start date. If your holiday begins less than the eight weeks from the time of booking the full rent is payable immediately.


Payment can be made by cheque or electronic bank transfer; details are included on the booking form. Overseas guests may pay in sterling by a cheque drawn on a UK bank or by international electronic transfer. Any charges for payments from overseas will be passed on to the guest.


In the event of cancellation less than eight weeks before a holiday begins:

If the cancellation is more than eight weeks before the holiday is due:

Staying At Our Properties

We will be here to meet you and make sure you have everything you need. We can also help during your stay if you have problems or need any information or advice.

Arrival and Departure - Holidays start and finish on the agreed day. Properties are available from 4pm on the first day until 10am on the day of departure.

Linen - Fresh linen is provided at the start of your holiday and weekly thereafter. Bath towels are provided but you should bring your own beach towels. Please bring your own linen for the children’s cot.

Pets - Pets are welcome in all properties but must be specified on the booking form. Pets are charged at £20 per week per pet. If you want to bring more than two dogs, please agree it with us before booking. Please bring bedding for your pets and please do not allow them onto furniture unless it is protected (using a suitable cover which provides complete protection). Pets must not be left unattended in any of the properties.

Electricity - Electricity is included in the rental for all properties. The Caravan also uses Propane gas which is included in the rent.

Parking - There is parking for two cars at Mazey’s Cottage and one car at the Studio and Caravan.

Smoking - Smoking is not permitted inside any of the properties.

Insurance - Our insurance will not cover your personal possessions. You should be aware that you have a legal liability to pay for any damages you may cause to the property during your holiday. You would therefore be well advised to check on these points with your insurers and you may find that, providing they are given notice, they will extend your normal cover to include your holiday. It is strongly recommended that you take out Holiday Cancellation Insurance.

What we expect from our guests

Booking Terms and Conditions - last updated November 2018